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Where You Lead…

‘I’m gonna follow where you lead!’

This song was originally written for Tapestry, released in January 1971, and also became a hit for Barbara Streisand later that year. This song features the fabulous Russle ‘Rusty’ Kunkel on drums @pocketgroover

Lyrics were written by Carole and Toni Stern, who began writing with Carole after her marriage to Gerry Goffin came to an end around 1968.

Having read Carole’s autobiography I can’t help feeling that this song is about her relationship with Gerry. They both grew up in Brooklyn in New York, and Carole always dreamed of a country, or at least suburban lifestyle. She hated the city living, the late night parties, and general bustle of the town, and she very much wanted to have babies, be a housewife and have a normal life. Gerry on the other hand, loved the excitement and the glamour of their life in the city, and was a source of tension between them.

Carole cites the devastating divorce between her own parents when she was a young child, as the catalyst to her desire to focus on family life from such a young age. But she knew that her chosen career of songwriting, and her husband, required her to be close to the studio in New York to start with. Nevertheless, living in a basement apartment, and Gerry still working a 9-5 job, they were married and had their first daughter Sherry by the time Carole was 18.

When Gerry and Carole separated in 1968, he told her he was moving to California. A few months after he had gone, she packed up their two daughters and went as well, just living in a different house. This is ultimately where she met Lou Adler, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell, and recorded Tapestry.